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Wintergreen 2014

About the PVCC Student Government AssociationEdit

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PVCC Student Government Association

Our mission statement: "We represent the rights, interests, and concerns of the student body to the college officials while promoting the integration of success and excellence among the school-wide community." With this in mind, we strive to act as a voice for the student body to the school administration to ensure that ideas, thoughts, and concerns from PVCC's diverse student population are handled with care and are directed to the appropriate authority. One of the key ways the SGA does this is through the Student Voice Project, which solicits ideas from new students through an in-class project in several of the SDV courses.

The SGA is the largest and most influential student organization at PVCC. The staff at the school frequently seek the approval or input of the SGA for new projects or changes to school policies. With this recognition comes responsibility as well, and the students of the SGA strive to maintain a culture of professional excellence in everything they do.

To the students who are members, the SGA offers the opportunity to become involved in the school in ways that otherwise might not be possible, as well as the chance to gain real-world experience managing projects, working in groups, and making a positive change in the lives of others.

Because PVCC is a non-residential school, students do not have the same opportunity for social activities. The Events Department organizes several on-campus social events for students (as well as faculty and staff) each semester, including Casino Night in the fall and Spring Fling in the spring.

The SGA Constitution contains all of the details of the structure and functioning of the SGA. More about membership can be found on the Membership page.

From the SGA ConstitutionEdit

"Realizing the necessity for student self-governance, understanding the importance of articulating the views of the student body, desiring to further the welfare of students, and believing that student government is needed to carry out these actions, we the students of Piedmont Virginia Community College do hereby establish the Constitution of the Piedmont Virginia Community College Student Government Association (SGA)."

About the PVCC SGA WikiEdit

This wiki serves as a central location for documents and information that are relavent to members of the SGA Body, including structure, current projects, meeting minutes, and descriptions of various positions in the SGA.

SGA Meeting

SGA General Meeting

When We MeetEdit

The SGA holds its General Meeting during the Spring and Fall semesters every three weeks on Thursday at 7 a.m. in the North Mall Meeting Room.

The SGA Executive BoardEdit

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SGA DepartmentsEdit

College-wide CommitteesEdit

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  • Administrative Services Committee
  • Appeals Committee
  • Curriculum & Instruction Committee
  • Enrollment Committee
  • Student Services Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
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